Program Overview

Currently, we work on the final program. Meanwhile, please find an overview of the accepted ICSSP 2018 papers below:

Full Research Paper

  • Jil Klünder, Philipp Hohl and Kurt Schneider. Becoming Agile While Preserving Software Product Lines
  • Maikel Leemans, Wil van der Aalst and Mark Van Den Brand. Hierarchical Performance Analysis for Process Mining
  • Rebekka Wohlrab, Patrizio Pelliccione, Eric Knauss and Mats Larsson. Boundary Objects in Agile Practices: Continuous Management of Systems Engineering Artifacts in the Automotive Domain
  • Pernille Lous, Paolo Tell, Christian Bo Michelsen, Yvonne Dittrich and Allan Ebdrup. From Scrum to Agile: a Journey to Tackle the Challenges of Distributed Development in an Agile Team
  • Volodymyr Leno, Abel Armas-Cervantes, Marlon Dumas, Marcello La Rosa and Fabrizio Maria Maggi. Discovering Process Maps from Event Streams
  • Binish Tanveer, Anna Maria Vollmer and Stefan Braun. A hybrid methodology for effort estimation in agile development: an industrial evaluation
  • Jan Friedrich. Declarative Project Planning and Controlling: A Formal Model to Support the Handling of Unavoidable Inconsistencies
  • Iflaah Salman and Burak Turhan. Effect of Time-pressure on Perceived and Actual Performance in Functional Software Testing

Industry Experience Paper

  • Philipp Diebold, Sven Theobald, Johannes Wahl and Yves Rausch. An Agile Transition starting with User Stories, DoD & DoR
  • Gul Calikli, Miroslaw Staron and Wilhelm Meding. Measure Early and Decide Fast: Transforming Quality Management and Measurement to Continuous Deployment
  • Ayse Tosun, Burak Turhan, Muzamil Ahmed and Natalia Juristo. On the Effectiveness of Unit Tests in Test-driven Development
  • Jan Ole Johanssen, Anja Kleebaum, Barbara Paech and Bernd Bruegge. Practitioners’ Eye on Continuous Software Engineering: An Interview Study
  • Stanley Sutton. Informed Projection: Using What You Know to Make Simple Estimates of Work Better

Short and Work-in-Progress Paper

  • Ulas Gulec, Murat Yilmaz, Veysi Isler, Rory V. O’Connor and Paul Clarke. Adopting Virtual Reality as a Medium for Software Development Process Education
  • Steffen Küpper, Urs Andelfinger and Andreas Rausch. Towards the Systematic Development of Hybrid Software Development Processes
  • Christopher Gerking, Johannes Geismann and Eric Bodden. Towards Ensuring Security by Design in Cyber-Physical Systems Engineering Processes
  • Paul Clarke, Rory O’Connor and Murat Yilmaz. In Search of the Origins and Enduring Impact of Agile Software Development
  • Ezequiel Scott and Dietmar Pfahl. Using Developers’ Features to Estimate Story Points