ICSSP 2018 – Program Details

ICSSP presents 21 talks, 2 keynotes, and a panel. The conference will take place in the Lindholmen Conference Center. Find the program details below.

Program Overview

May 26, 2018

Start End Track 1 Track 2
 08:00 09:00 Registration
 09:00 09:15 Opening & Welcome
 09:15 10:15 Gaining maturity in Open Source – a model based on Sony Mobile’s journey
Carl-Eric Mols (Sony Mobile) – moderation: Marco Kuhrmann
 10:15 10:45 Coffee Break
 10:45 12:15 Session 1 (chair: Joyce Nabende)
Agile Methods
Session 2 (chair: David Raffo)
Continuous Development
12:15 13:45 Lunch
 13:45 15:15 Session 3 (chair: Paul Clarke)
Project Management
Session 4 (chair: Gul Calikli)
Learning from Process Data
 15:15 15:45 Coffee Break
 15:45 17:00 Panel
 17:30 18:00 Gathering for the Dinner
 18:00 22:00 Conference Dinner on the Boat

May 27, 2018

Start End Track 1 Track 2
 08:00 09:00 Registration
 09:00 09:15 Opening
 09:15 10:15 Success Factors of SPICE in the Automotive Industry
Bernd Hindel (Method Park) – moderation: Rory V. O’Connor
 10:15 10:45 Coffee Break
 10:45 12:15 Session 5 (chair: Stan Sutton)
Product Quality
Session 6 (chair: Regina Hebig)
 12:15 13:45 Lunch
 13:45 15:15 Session 7 (chair: Pekka Abrahamsson)
Agile & Hybrid Development
 15:15 15:45 Closing
 15:45 16:16 Farewell Coffee

Session Details

Session 1: Agile Methods

  • Jil Klünder, Philipp Hohl and Kurt Schneider. Becoming Agile While Preserving Software Product Lines
  • Pernille Lous, Paolo Tell, Christian Bo Michelsen, Yvonne Dittrich and Allan Ebdrup. From Scrum to Agile: a Journey to Tackle the Challenges of Distributed Development in an Agile Team
  • Binish Tanveer, Anna Maria Vollmer and Stefan Braun. A hybrid methodology for effort estimation in agile development: an industrial evaluation

Session 2: Continuous Development

  • Rebekka Wohlrab, Patrizio Pelliccione, Eric Knauss and Mats Larsson. Boundary Objects in Agile Practices: Continuous Management of Systems Engineering Artifacts in the Automotive Domain
  • Jan Ole Johanssen, Anja Kleebaum, Barbara Paech and Bernd Bruegge. Practitioners’ Eye on Continuous Software Engineering: An Interview Study
  • Gul Calikli, Miroslaw Staron and Wilhelm Meding. Measure Early and Decide Fast: Transforming Quality Management and Measurement to Continuous Deployment

Session 3: Project Management

  • Jan Friedrich. Declarative Project Planning and Controlling: A Formal Model to Support the Handling of Unavoidable Inconsistencies
  • Ulas Gulec, Murat Yilmaz, Veysi Isler, Rory V. O’Connor and Paul Clarke. Adopting Virtual Reality as a Medium for Software Development Process Education
  • Stanley Sutton. Informed Projection: Using What You Know to Make Simple Estimates of Work Better

Session 4: Learning from Process Data

  • Volodymyr Leno, Abel Armas-Cervantes, Marlon Dumas, Marcello La Rosa and Fabrizio Maria Maggi. Discovering Process Maps from Event Streams
  • Maikel Leemans, Wil van der Aalst and Mark Van Den Brand. Hierarchical Performance Analysis for Process Mining
  • Ezequiel Scott and Dietmar Pfahl. Using Developers’ Features to Estimate Story Points

Session 5: Product Quality

  • Oscar Dieste, Alejandrina M. Aranda, Fernando Uyaguari, Burak Turhan, Ayse Tosun, Davide Fucci, Markku Oivo and Natalia Juristo. Empirical evaluation of the effects of experience on code quality and programmer productivity: an exploratory study (Journal-first)
  • Ayse Tosun, Burak Turhan, Muzamil Ahmed and Natalia Juristo. On the Effectiveness of Unit Tests in Test-driven Development
  • Christopher Gerking, Johannes Geismann and Eric Bodden. Towards Ensuring Security by Design in Cyber-Physical Systems Engineering Processes

Session 6: Deployment

  • Daniel Stahl and Jan Bosch. Cinders: The continuous integration and delivery architecture framework (Journal-first)
  • Iflaah Salman and Burak Turhan. Effect of Time-pressure on Perceived and Actual Performance in Functional Software Testing
  • Henry Edison, Xiaofeng Wang, Ronald Jabangwe and Pekka Abrahamsson. Innovation Initiatives in Large Software Companies: A Systematic Mapping Study (Journal-first)

Session 7: Agile & Hybrid Development

  • Paul Clarke, Rory O’Connor and Murat Yilmaz. In Search of the Origins and Enduring Impact of Agile Software Development
  • Philipp Diebold, Sven Theobald, Johannes Wahl and Yves Rausch. An Agile Transition starting with User Stories, DoD & DoR
  • Steffen Küpper, Urs Andelfinger and Andreas Rausch. Towards the Systematic Development of Hybrid Software Development Processes