Gaining maturity in Open Source – a model

based on Sony Mobile’s journey

by Carl-Eric Mols

Carl-Eric Mols holds since 2008 the position as the Head of Open Source in Sony Mobile. As such, he has the responsibility to drive and evolve Sony Mobile’s abilities and capabilities of handling and govern Open Source in all its aspects, i.e. to evolve Sony Mobile’s Open Source



The keynote will give experiences from Sony Mobile, which has gone from developing phones based on proprietary software to developing smartphones products which would be impossible to develop without Open Source. The experiences from Sony Mobile as well other companies who have embarked the journey of Open Source have been used to formulate a model which describes how to go from an ad-hoc view on usage of open source to a way of working where open source is part of the strategic decisions and the business.

The talk will present the model for scaling up a software business with Open Source, with examples of pattern activities at different phases of the model. Pattern activities are such as how to enable a company to interact with Open Source communities, how to decide which parts to keep proprietary or implement with open source, and foremost, how to work with long-term strategical business opportunities when you base your business on Open Source. In short, how to manage and govern Open Source in an industrial setting while benefiting of growing and extending your business.

The model was developed in the ITEA project SCALARE, which resulted among other with the book “Scaling a software business”, available as an free eBook courtesy by Vinnova – Sweden’s Innovation Agency.”