ICSSP 2017 Panel: Systems and Software Processes Meet System Diversity

Barry Boehm, USC (Moderator)
Selmin Nurcan, U. Paris
Lee Osterweil, U. Massachusetts
Dieter Rombach, U. Kaiserslautern, Fraunhofer IESE
Tom Zimmerman, Microsoft

When systems were pure physical, cyber, or human, or could be engineered separately, determining appropriate system development and evolution processes was relatively straightforward.  However, the emergence and rapid evolution of autonomous vehicles, internets of things, cyber security threats, systems of independently evolving systems, millions of evolving apps, cloud services, and open-source assets, additive manufacturing options, and rapidly changing technology and competition create serious current and future challenges for determining the best combination of processes for creating and evolving future systems.  There are also a wide variety of evolving process options to choose from. The panelists have a wide variety of experiences in developing, determining, and applying various types of processes.  They will address questions such as the following:

  • What are likely to be the best processes for enabling human surveillance and control of autonomous self-adaptive systems making decisions in microseconds?
  • What process structures and decision criteria can enable systems to be agile while providing high levels of safety and security assurances?
  • What types or combinations of processes will best enable large, co-dependent, independently-evolving systems to rapidly adapt to multiple sources of interface changes?
  • What are the roles of incentive structures in supporting such processes?
  • What are good candidate criteria for selecting and evolving a system’s processes?

Each panelist will have 10 minutes to address a selection of these or other key questions, followed by questions from the audience.