About ICSSP 2019

Hybrid and Evolving Processes for Software and Systems

Software engineering continuously reinvents the way software and software intensive systems are built. Just in February 2018, Bombardier and Siemens announced significant investments in optimizing their product development processes. Tesla is trying to revolutionize the automotive market by implementing continuous delivery in safety critical systems. Appreciation of the implications of blockchain technology for software and systems processes is starting to grow. In this evolving landscape, many companies are making efforts to move towards new technologies and tools, agile principles, and continuous integration and delivery. In doing so, they find opportunity, flexibility, and strength in evolving toward hybrid processes, which are neither purely traditional nor can count as text-book agile. ICSSP 2019 will provide a special platform for research focusing on hybrid processes for software and systems development as well as the factors driving their evolution.

The call for submissions is available. If you have comments, questions, or recommendations, please contact a member of the Organizing Committee.